Sometimes there comes a time in life…

“Sometimes there comes a time in life when you stop thinking that you’re going to have a heart attack, and you start wishing you had one.”

– Me

MIT Lockpicking Guide?

I was actually what is called a “ghost” in the MIT dorms staying with my best friend who was attending MIT. I can attest there was plenty of lockpicking going on, much to our chagrin. However I had no idea it yielded an actual “document”:

Shouldn’t surprise me though. I think […]

Man kids today…

Are really lucky…

We were a bunch of prudes when I was in college. Ah, the Reagan 80’s…

Or maybe I was just pathetic?

Don’t answer that.

Well, it may come from the Borg, but it’s still cool…

Sometimes even Microsoft pulls off something cool. Here’s a new space visualization site they created:

It doesn’t absolve their sins, but we’ll take it anyway.

Says it all…

From the June issue of Harper’s magazine:

“Scottish scientists found that women are instinctively attracted to the faces of men who want long-term relationships whereas men are instinctively attracted to the faces of women who want one-night stands.”

There in a nutshell is the entire male/female problem. All other arguments are just window dressing.

Incidentally, […]

You can count on the Swiss…

To do something nutso like this:

100 MPH!!!

Still, you gotta love them (I did so much I married one!).

BrainCramp Lives!

It’s aaaaaaalive!